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127 Kings Mtn. Street
Clover, SC 29710

Telephone: 803-222-9584

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The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (A.R.P.) is 230 years old.  Our name resulted from the joining together of two groups of believers who originated in Scotland.  In the early 1700s the Associate Presbytery was formed in response to great corruption in the Church of Scotland, in which the wealthiest landowners were given the spiritual control over each church and used this control to maintain their personal power.  In the mid-1700s the Reformed Presbytery was formed by believers who had been greatly persecuted over the previous century because they refused to bow their knee to any king except the Lord Jesus Christ.  In 1782 these 2 groups of believers joined together in Philadelphia, PA to form the Associate Reformed Presbyterian denomination. 

The A.R.P. denomination now has more than 260 congregations and around 30,000 members across the United States and Canada.  We are currently planting over 40 additional churches nationwide.  We also have missionaries serving in various countries such as : Pakistan, Turkey, Germany, and Mexico, among others.

Our particular church, Clover A.R.P.,  was started in 1893 by the Bethany A.R.P. Church as a way to reach the growing town of Clover.  A sanctuary was built at our present location and then in 1930 the current 2-story educational wing was added.  In 1949 the current sanctuary was erected.  In 1989 the fellowship hall was added.  We are currently in the midst of a capital campaign to add further classrooms as well as a family life center.  We now have over 180 active members and are blessed with around 65 active children and youth.  We look forward to what the next century holds for our church and denomination as we seek to continue to offer the salvation and hope of Jesus Christ to an ever changing world.
Worship: Sunday at 11:00 am   Sunday School: 10:00am   Sunday Evening: 5:00pm