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127 Kings Mtn. Street
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Church Government
We believe that the only King and Head of the church is the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom all power in heaven and on earth has been given.  We believe that from His throne of glory our Lord Jesus rules the church through His Word and Spirit by the ministry of men.  We believe that the most Biblical expression of how men are to be used by Christ to govern the church is the Presbyterian form of government, which is the government of elders assembled in church courts.

Each local A.R.P. congregation is ruled by elders elected by the congregation.  These elders along with the pastor form the Session.  The Session is charged with overseeing, guarding, and promoting the spiritual interests and welfare of the congregation.  These elders are to act as the spiritual shepherds over the people of God.  They are called to visit the people, pray with them, comfort the sorrowing, encourage the weak, guide the wayward and careless, and to do this in Christian love.  The elders in our church have been grouped together to provide prayer and spiritual care for 3 different “shepherding groups” within our church.  One shepherding group is for those in their 20s-40s, another for those in their 50s-60s, and one for those in their 70s-90s.

Each A.R.P. congregation also elects deacons to serve in taking care of the material needs of the church.  Their responsibilities include caring for the church buildings and grounds, overseeing church finances, and providing ministries of mercy for those in need in our church and community. 
A.R.P. churches in local geographic areas join together to form Presbyteries.  Each church within the presbytery is represented by their pastor(s) and one elder.  These presbyteries meet at least 3 times a year and are responsible for such things as licensing and ordaining ministers, planting new A.R.P. churches in their area, and to organize area wide retreats and ministries.  Our church belongs to Catawba Presbytery which is comprised of all A.R.P. churches in the eastern half of South Carolina.
Once a year all A.R.P. churches nationwide are represented by their pastor(s) and one elder for General Synod.  The Synod is responsible, among other things, for the oversight of denomination-wide ministries such as : World Witness (our missions agency), Operation North America (our church planting agency), Bonclarken (our conference center), and Erskine College and Seminary.
Worship: Sunday at 11:00 am   Sunday School: 10:00am   Sunday Evening: 5:00pm